Hannu Kossila

Senior Researcher

I am an advisor for corporation´s top level people in their various management challenges. My approach is based on modern psychology, utilizing mostly the domain of decision making based on brain and emotion research. Modelling is my speciality, it helps in the understanding of logics and factors that are involved in any given situation.

Often a new angle from an outsider and an introductory sparring opens my customer´s mind for new creative avenues and solutions, and the first introductory appointment is free! I have an entrepreneur background in various industries and I am used to fast paced action. Take your seat as a pilot or a co-pilot and I promise we get new ideas for implementation! Research is my middle name. Together with my team(s) we have developed a number tools that deliver measurable and beneficial outputs.

My career highlights include: RTL Television, Mediaset Italia, Fox’s New Years Eve, Discovery Latin America, MTV3, Quios, Ongame network,  ITV Thailand, M24 Israel, MoonTV, Coca Cola, ART

Ari Bergman

Partner and Senior Advisor

Broad skilled professional on a global scale.
High perspective earned from the financial sector and within large corporations. Some areas of expertise:
*Stakeholder management and external communications
*Strategic growth

Jussi Liimatainen

CEO, Senior Consultant

Jussi has over 20 years of experience with with top national brands both in B2C and B2B. Jussi´s expertise is in the digital transformation and change management.

Reidar Wasenius

Personal Brainer

Currently, as a Personal Brainer, he helps people feel well and do well at work by developing their mental skills. Using the BRIIM brain training system, people learn to focus, make decisions, motivate themselves, remember, communicate and innovate more skillfully. Reidar is a sought-after communications trainer and expert featured in national media almost weekly - particularly on how social communications in social media can be used by people to collaborate more effectively.